Concept to Completion Progressive Building

Concept to Completion

The concept stage of your building project is when all your aspirations are brought to life with the help and guidance of an experienced professional. A holistic approach is taken to understanding the daily and weekly routines of your family. Both functionality and style come together to exceed your expectations.

Michael and his team work closely with trusted architects to ensure you enjoy a stress-free process with the guidance of specialists in their respective field.

Smart homes bring a new level of efficiency to the family living environment as the technology falls away into the background, becoming an integral and seamless contributor to the daily running of the household.

Passive solar design is an age-old approach that is making its way into modern home design. By harnessing the sun’s energy at every stage of its annual cycle, your house requires less heating in winter and less cooling in summer, saving on energy costs and providing a great contribution to the environment.

Getting Started

You’ve got some ideas, you may even have your plans drawn up so now, it’s time. The next step is to begin the conversation. Once you’ve sat down with Michael over a coffee you’ll have a much clearer picture of what’s involved for the next step of the process.

Our process:

1. Contact Progressive Building and schedule a time to meet with licenced builder, Michael Blick.

2. We can refer you to one of our personally trusted architects if you need plans drawn up.

3. We’ll draw up an outline of the budget based on your initial plans.

4. Plans are submitted to council for DA approval.

5. A final costing on the build will be prepared and submitted for client approval once the DA has been granted and engineering documents, if required, have been received.

6. We then begin construction.